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Surface Preparation Materials

Surface Preparation
Surface preparation work is very important to guarantee the very best results from any paint application. The substrate should be treated according to the type of coating that will be applied; defects in architectural details should be corrected and all necessary water insulation precautions should be taken beforehand. The surface must be completely cleaned from old and loose paint layers into a clean, dry and sound condition. If necessary; surface cracks should be filled with the appropriate repair materials and the surface should be evened out. A primer should be applied before the very last layer of coating in order to increase the adhesion and durability of the final coat. The surface preparations should be properly carried out to attain a smooth looking and long lasting paint application.

Weather Conditions
Coating materials should not be applied in extremely hot weather, under glaring sun, during strong wind, fog, high relative humidity, imminent rain. The air and substrate temperature should not be below 5°C during application.

Surface Cleaning
The surface must be completely cleaned from old and loose paint layers into a clean, dry and sound condition. If necessary, all areas should be sandpapered prior to the application. Water with detergent can be used to clean oils and grease from the surface, high pressure water jets can be used to clean excessively dusty areas. Coating applications should not start until the surfaces have dried thoroughly.

Excessive moisture may decrease the adherence of the coating to the wall and cause blistering, fl aking and mould formation. In some situations the moisture could be the result of a structural problem. Problems caused by leaking pipes or moisture diffusion from soil should be eradicated before the plaster or paint application takes place. Failure to take the effective measures will eventually cause the last layer of coat to blister. Problems caused by insufficient water insulation will not only result in a poor appearance but also harm the building structure.

Surfaces With Older Paint
If the existing paint has swollen or flaked off, the areas affected should be sandpapered. Kale Kalýn / Ýnce Akrilik Macun can be used to fi ll cracks and even the surface. Surfaces with older paint or very dirty surfaces should be primed with Kale Üniastar or Silastar. Mouldy surfaces, surfaces with older paint should be cleaned with a wet cloth before any application, taking care not to disperse the mould. Lastly, Kale Küf Temizleyici (Mildew and Algae Cleaner) should be applied to the surface. The coating application can be made after the surface dries.

Model: 5335 Silastar

Silicone Enhanced Primer - Silicone enhanced, acrylic emulsion based, pigmented primer with a high penetration and water proofi ng power for priming the surfaces on which any type of water based decorative coating will be applied.

Model: 5337 Saten Alci Astari

Satin Plaster Clear Primer - Acrylic emulsion based, ready to use, unpigmented primer for priming the surfaces on which any type of water based paint will be applied.

Model: 5345 Macunart

Cement Based, Water Resistant, Fine, Surface Smoothening Putty - Cement based, fine, white, surface smoothening putty formulated for smoothing the uneven concrete and mineral surfaces, fi lling up the hair cracks and for covering interior and exterior surface defects.

Model: 5340 Kuf Temizleyici

Mildew and Algae Cleaner - A disinfectant used in cleansing of surface from mildew and algae before application of mildew and algae preventing water based paints: Kale Kalia Ýpek Mat, Kalia Mat, Kalia Tavan, Protekta. Kills the mildew and algae inside the wall and disinfects the wall surface while chloric disinfectants only bleach.

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