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All Categories > Kalecolor > Exterior Wall Paints
Exterior Wall Paints
Model: 5111 Protekta

Ceramic Micro Spheres and Silicone Enhanced, Mildew and Algae Preventing, Water Based, Exterior Wall Paint -  Ceramic micro spheres and silicone enhanced, mildew and algae preventing, water impermeable, acrylic emulsion based, long lasting, matt, exterior wall paint.

Model: 5110 Performa+

Extra Elastic, Water Based, Exterior Wall Paint - Elastic acrylic emulsion based, extra elastic, long lasting, water impermeable, exterior matt wall paint.

Model: 5122 Joker Plus EXT

Silicone Enhanced, Water Based Exterior Wall Paint - Acrylic emulsion based, silicone enhanced, water repellent, long lasting exterior wall paint.

Model: 5120 Silikonatex

Silicone Enhanced, Elastic, Water Based Textured Coating - Acrylic emulsion based, water repellent, elastic, non cracking, silicone enhanced, covering the surface defects with its texture and thickness, long lasting, exterior and interior textured coating.

Model: 5102 Sportline

Water Based Court Paint - Acrylic emulsion based, water resistant, long lasting court paint.

Model: 5104 Roadline

Water Based Road Marking Paint - Acrylic emulsion based, matt, road marking paint.

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