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Surface Preparation
Model: 4001 TamirArt 5

Repairing Mortar - Indoor  and  outdoor  rendering  and  levelling  mortar walls, floors and ceilings in thickness from 1 to 5 mm.

Model: 4002 TamirArt 30

Repairing Mortar - Indoor and outdoor rendering and levelling mortar for walls, floors and ceilings in layers of thickness from 5 to 30 mm.

Model: 4201 Mastar 10

Self Levelling Screed - Self  levelling  fl ooring  compound  smoothing  the  differences  in  thicknesses  from  2.5 to  10  mm.  on  new and existing interior fl oors where a high resistance to loads and traffic is required.

Model: 4505 Kalekim Astar

Acrylic Primer - Acrylic based primer.

Model: 4506 Kalekim Dolgulu Astar

Smooth Surface Primer - Solvent-free, polymer dispersion based, pigmented primer.

Model: 4701 IzoLine Astar

Bitumen Primer - Bitumen emulsion based primer.

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